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Which brands should make instant apps?

Instant Apps enable users to run a native application immediately, without the need...

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Adventures in Sketch plugin creation

Sketch is the preferred tool at WillowTree for creating many of our application...

With all of these answers so easily accessible, what is the benefit of a conversational UI? The answer is in its name- the conversation.

Let's chat: conversational UI training

Talking to computers Whether you’re typing a question into a search engine or...

Black iPhone with screen showing the CBC app (using Salix)

YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and... Salix?

Streaming video is huge. Huge. Back in February, Forbes reported that people around...

Photo of workstation with notebook, pen, iPhone, and laptop with code on the screen for Core ML blog

Integrating trained models into your iOS app using Core ML

One big thing to come out of Apple’s WWDC 2017 was the new Core ML framework for...

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Maximize your summer

It feels like you started your internship yesterday, but you’re actually halfway...

Team members brainstorming technology and strategy ideas at mobile app development agency for clients using sticky notes to capture ideas

Eating your own lunch: why to invest in innovation

There was a great article this week on, Why companies must invest in new...

person looking at apps page of their Apple Watch, and selecting an app using the touch screen of the watch

Tactile design for mobile apps

Tactile communication touch is the most basic and powerful way of interacting with...

Raspberry Pi on top of a laptop keyboard for Nish's blog post about Kotlin Native

Raspberry Pi GPIO with Kotlin Native

Kotlin has been getting a lot of attention as an officially supported language on...

Featured image of a person typing on a laptop with a green plant in a white vase in the corner for Kotlin costs blog

Kotlin's hidden costs - Android benchmarks

A blog post by Renato Athaydes benchmarks the “hidden costs of kotlin” as described...

Design workspace with laptop, notebook, coffee, plants, and books for "Designing the product design interview process" blog

Designing the product design interview process

The concept of speculative work makes me uneasy. I...

Featured Image for Xcode9 blog, person typing with multiple keyboards

What’s new in Xcode 9: new runtime checks

We already have two runtime checkers available to us in the form the Address Sanitizer,...

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