We put the CBC in Canada's pocket

WillowTree supported the launch of an OTT video platform for Canada's Public Broadcaster. With more than 1 million streams every month, the CBC app has been featured in the App Store.

The Work

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) needed to deliver its news, entertainment, and children’s programming to every type of screen and device Canadians used.

The Challenge

The solution needed to deliver CBC’s programming seamlessly—regardless of the screen users desire to experience content on. The product needed to rest on top of IBM’s video cloud delivery platform and support OTT accessibility features such as Descriptive Video, Voice Over / Talk Back, and Web Screen Readers.

The Process

A user experience focused on speed, simplicity, and elegance should be just as compelling as the underlying content in a world-class OTT application.

Our UX Designers started by identifying the most essential need of CBC’s users—finding their favorite shows quickly. From there, the team set to work on developing user personas to map each user type’s journey through CBC’s app.

"Great for CBC fans... With this app, it's suddenly surprisingly simple to access CBC shows ranging from their comedies and dramas to their investigative journalism."
—Ben McGuinness, Android app review

Ensuring robust support for accessibility in CBC’s apps, especially for users with disabilities and children, was also important. Working closely with CBC’s product team, our developers made sure:

  • CBC’s catalog was encoded with Descriptive Video, so visually impaired users could enjoy app content.
  • The iOS, Android, and Web apps complied with accessibility requirements like Talk Back / Voiceover and Web Screen Readers.
  • CBC’s web app supports subtitles, focus states for keyboard users, and an easily accessible list of player controls.

The Results

With more than 1 million streams every month, the CBC app has been featured in the App Store and was included in Apple’s Best of 2017 list.