Mobile SEO Strategy

How Do We Approach SEO?

At WillowTree, we stay ahead of industry & algorithmic trends, Google’s evolving search changes, and new web technologies to leverage best-in-class, customized technical & content implementations throughout the software development lifecycle. In short, SEO is integrated into every stage of a project’s development.

While SEO is one of the most effective strategies for gaining visibility for your brand, it is frequently forsaken on projects or treated as an afterthought. Your average digital product consulting agency may lob SEO recommendations over the fence at random points in the development lifecycle, or after a site or product has already launched. This results in costly and time-consuming “bolt-on” solutions that are ineffective and poorly executed.

WillowTree believes SEO is a crucial component of web projects. Workflows are streamlined to ensure SEO considerations are mapped out even before a project begins.

  • Project teams customize technical requirements based on the latest SEO best practices.
  • SEO considerations influence overall strategy, visual design, web development, test-engineering, and content strategy workflows from the very start.
  • Content strategy expertise yields SEO-friendly sites by targeting your most important keywords and conducting qualitative user research to ensure they are baked into the design, architecture, navigation, and page templates at every level.
  • In-house capabilities ensure SEO best practices are followed throughout production.

Why Does SEO Matter?

  • Users still prefer organic search results over paid ads
  • Sites rich with engaging content for their targeted audience present significant opportunity to increase site traffic and new user acquisition
  • Search engine results pages & algorithms are constantly evolving
  • Technical implications for site crawlability can prevent even the most engaging content from being served to your audience by Google. Well-executed technical SEO at the outset of a project is crucial to driving organic search traffic
  • New competition for keyword rankings can shift the organic search landscape, so it’s important to stay on top of your audience’s needs and how your competitors may be attempting to outrank your content
  • Combined with great content strategy, visual design, and accessibility, SEO is core to great UX

Technical SEO & Custom Web Development Tactics

  • Customized technical requirements by project
  • Rendering technique guidance
  • Metadata & keyword usage review
  • Rich media optimization
  • structured data markup
  • Page load optimization
  • Mobile-friendly design & engineering guidance
  • International SEO signaling
  • Optimized internal linking
  • Page content deprecation guidance
  • Robots.txt guidance
  • XML Sitemap development

Content Strategy Tactics

  • Business goal alignment
  • User research for content ideation
  • Content planning & design workshops
  • Competitive keyword gap analysis
  • Competitive content quality analysis
  • Share of voice analysis
  • Information architecture analysis
  • Targeted keyword research
  • Google featured snippet optimization
  • Voice search optimization
  • Content audit