Systems architecture

Reliable backend systems built to grow and scale in step with your business.

At WillowTree, we know that planning for your current project lays the foundation for your future goals. This is particularly true of your backend systems architecture, where making even the smallest changes can lead to unexpected costs and complications.

Whether you’re building out a new set of services or trying to augment your existing systems, our systems architects will work with you to understand your needs, both today and in the future, and to design a system that can support those goals well into the long-term.

  • Future-ready — Our systems architecture have years of experience designing systems that will meet your needs today, but that will also grow with your plans for the future.
  • Scalable — Your systems’ traffic today will be only a fraction of your traffic tomorrow. Our systems are designed to grow with your expanding customer base.
  • Sound — We make use of industry-standard, leading best practices to design systems that are stable and durable, systems that will be reliable. Systems that will let you sleep at night.
  • Adaptable — Technology is constantly changing, and a well designed system will be able to accommodate tomorrow’s advances gracefully.
  • Agile — Designing complex systems can’t be done before all the facts are in, and our architects use methods that allow our designs to grow with our knowledge of your needs and requirements. The system we design at the beginning may not be the system that we have at the end. The one at the end will be better.
  • User-centered — Like all aspects of our process, our systems architects are focused on your needs and the needs of your customers. How can we leverage cutting edge technology and stable best practices to provide the best experience for your customers.
  • Flexible — While we design and build the systems, they are your systems. We design them to work with your existing IT infrastructure, and we make sure you are trained and equipped to be able to manage and build off of them yourself.