Mobile backend engineering

The best mobile experiences require a robust backend foundation.

Back-To-Front Development Solutions

At WillowTree, we understand that the best mobile experiences require a robust backend foundation. From the earliest stages of product conception and strategy, our API architects are focused on designing a server-side solution tailored to the specific requirements of your product.

Whether integrating with your existing infrastructure or building you a custom field solution, our world-class server engineering team focuses on several key areas to meet the demands of your product.

  • Performance – We build backend solutions for you from the ground up with performance in mind, optimizing our APIs for the same business use cases that drive front-end product requirements.
  • Reliability – An app crash might affect one user, but a server crash affects all of them. Our solutions are designed and built to be up and running day and night. All the time. No exceptions.
  • Integration – We have years of experience building mobile solutions for some of the world’s biggest companies, and we have built systems that integrate with a wide range of custom legacy solutions as well as industry-leading platforms like SAP and Oracle.
  • Scaling – Load testing is a key part of our development cycle, ensuring that running API instances handle thousands of concurrent requests without breaking a sweat. Partnerships with leading cloud infrastructure providers like Amazon Web Services (AWS) allow our deployments to scale horizontally in an elastic way, allowing our solutions to meet the needs of massively-growing user bases.
  • Flexibility – We follow best practices and bring years of API design experience to the table to help you craft a solution that meets your product goals, and future client application needs.
  • Security – The security of your data is paramount to our Server Engineering and Operations team. Data storage, network communications, and a battle-hardened deployment strategy are all crucial components of WillowTree’s security-focused approach.
  • Development Toolkit – Many years creating mobile-server development solutions have enabled us to build a proprietary in-house toolkit that gives us the ability to rapidly design, virtualize, prototype, build, and deploy superior APIs that are tightly integrated with our mobile application development lifecycle.