We are Industry
Leaders In:

Media Delivery
Our team of elite designers and developers create custom OTT solutions across platforms to transform how users experience content.

Harvard Business Publishing
Johnson & Johnson
Field Solutions
Workforces in the field today rely on mobile to help them do their jobs. We are there to create the applications that transform their effectiveness.

AOL Sales
Rexel Field Ordering
Loyalty & Payments
Consumers expect to manage relationships with brands and services they love using their mobile device. We help make it happen.

Wyndham Rewards
Regal Mobile App
IoT & Connected Devices
From integrating loyalty programs and payment systems, to interfacing with connected devices, we help clients reinvent relationships with their customers.

GE Intelligent Platforms
Barclays Center

We Set Ourselves Apart Through:

Our Value Stack

With hundreds of deployments, we‘ve accumulated a powerful library of code. Our tech stacks allow us to speed up development, deploy apps faster, and lower costs.

Co-Located Teams

Co-located teams significantly outperform distributed teams. Our employees work on site in the same office, on every project.

Cost Efficiency

The benefit of setting up shop in a small college town is that our costs are lower, making your costs lower too.

Emphasis on ROI

We solve real business problems with a focus on delivering measurable ROI on every project.

User-Centered Design

Whether it’s consumer adoption or employee adoption, we understand that an app’s viability relies on the user’s enjoyment of it.

Rock-Solid Development

A great-looking app is nothing without a rock-solid foundation of code. We are no-holds-barred perfectionists on this front.

Let us help you reach your business goals.

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How Feature Toggles Can Enable A/B Testing in Mobile Apps
September 26th, 2016

At Überconf 2016, Neal Ford gave a great presentation titled “Hypothesis-driven Development using Feature Toggles.” In his talk, Ford explained how a simple, yet powerful, technique called feature toggles can be used to achieve true agility […]

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QA Guide to Android Nougat Regression Testing
September 20th, 2016

Contributing Author Jossay Jacobo So a new version of Android is out and your boss says to you, “Make sure our app works on Nougat!” If you have automation frameworks in place those can get you […]

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Part Two: Shortcuts to Chatbot Emotional Intelligence
September 16th, 2016

Welcome to the second post in our series on chatbots and emotional intelligence. Last week, in Part One: Shortcuts to Chatbot Emotional Intelligence, we covered why it’s important to have a user-centered design and strategy process […]

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CocoaConf DC 2016: Developer Highlights
September 13th, 2016

This weekend I attended CocoaConf DC. It wasn’t the first CocoaConf I’ve attended, but it was the first I could drive to. And it was the first one I spoke at! It was a great weekend. […]

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Macchiato No. 46 // A Shot of UX with a Dollop of Graphic Design
September 13th, 2016

Espresso The Leading Strand is an initiative to bridge art and science that pairs academic researchers with design professionals to create visual representations of scientific breakthroughs. Here’s what happens when neuroscientists and designers team up to explain […]

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