Research + Insights

Products informed by real-world data and actionable insights out-perform others every time

Our practice bridges rich qualitative research with quantitative data to bring scientific rigor and a deep understanding of user needs to high-velocity software design and development.

By directly engaging real users to understand their needs and behaviors our researchers can most effectively test prototypes, evaluate concepts, prioritize feature builds, and more. Bespoke, in-depth studies result in meaningful insights that we use to inform all phases of the product lifecycle. We combine rigorous qualitative and quantitative generative research, designed to better understand your audience and create new product ideas, with evaluative research to assess the effectiveness of designs and prototypes. In-house usability labs as well as a suite of remote testing tools allow us to move quickly while accessing the right audiences. Our agile and iterative approach ensures that resulting products are optimally designed to address the needs of end-users, drive your strategic goals, and increase product adoption.

Our analytics architects work to discover and understand the patterns that drive your consumers’ behavior, and to translate your business objectives into trackable metrics and measurable outcomes. We take a strategic, custom approach to implementations and believe that analytics are most effective when they are built into product plans from the start, so our analytics team is integrated into every stage of planning and development. This ensures accurate, actionable data that will drive personalized engagement and provide continued insights into your product and consumer base long after launch. Our team can also work with you to evaluate the effectiveness of existing dashboards and recommend more effective strategies and tools.

Exploratory Research and Discovery

The focus of user-focused exploratory research is to set the direction of product development for both new and existing technologies. It provides insights into how users think and behave and ensures that we’re matching product ideas to user needs. Our researchers employ a diverse set of methodologies, selecting the right mix to suit each unique product and to answer questions such as:

  • What digital strategies and products will best serve your business goals?
  • How well is your existing product serving your stakeholders?
  • What type of product is best suited to your brand or operations?
  • What product components do we need to revisit as technologies, markets, and users evolve?
  • On-site observations and contextual inquiry
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Comparative focus groups
  • Surveys
  • Competitive analyses
  • Digital ecosystem audits
  • Strategic product definition
  • Net-new product exploration

Product and Concept Evaluation

Evaluating proposed concepts and feature sets before committing to concrete designs is an essential part of successful product development. We work with intended end-users to verify the efficacy and desirability of product concepts and direction to determine:

  • Will users be excited about this product idea?
  • Do users feel that this product effectively fulfills a need?
  • Which features should we develop first? Which features do users expect, want, and need the most?
  • Will this product bring about desired changes in consumer behavior?
  • Prototype testing interviews
  • Prioritization surveys
  • Controlled experiments
  • Heuristic analysis

Usability Testing

Usability testing is crucial to agile development and design. By vetting products at various points throughout the product life cycle we can inform decisions with impactful performance data. Our in-house usability labs as well as a suite of remote testing tools allow us to move quickly while accessing the right audiences. We use the resulting information to ensure that our products provide a seamless experience and are driving your goals by answering questions like:

  • Which designs best serve user needs?
  • How easy and intuitive is this product for consumers to use?
  • Which design or feature is most efficient?
  • Which designs or features do users like/use the most and the least?
  • How might we improve the efficiency of key tasks within the product?
  • Qualitative usability tests
  • Quantitative usability tests
  • Beta tests

Product Analytics

Implementing the right analytics, in the right way, at the right points throughout the user journey can deliver unparalleled insights and value. Whether you need to better understand how consumers are interacting with your product, want to turn business objectives into actionable and measurable goals, or need a well-integrated ecosystem of tools that unlocks the full potential of consumer data, our analytics architects can design a custom, sustainable solution that drives impact and ROI.

  • Audit of existing data and tooling
  • Data dictionary and taxonomy definition
  • Analytics implementation with automated and manual testing
  • Growth stack integration and optimization
  • Tooling configuration and dashboard creation
  • Data management & governance
  • Ongoing reporting and analysis

Outcomes Measurement and Benchmarking

You can’t improve what you can’t measure. Establishing success metrics and benchmarks is a critical step for understanding impact, allowing us to establish concrete, measurable indicators to understand things like:

  • How quickly are key flows completed in my design compared to my competitor or previous versions?
  • How often do users convert within the product?
  • How excited do users feel about this product compared to my competitor or to previous versions?
  • Outcomes and North Star workshops
  • Business goal and KPI definition
  • Usability tests
  • Industry benchmarking