Designing GE Predix apps to manage the industrial internet

The industrial internet of Things (IoT) runs on GE's next-generation Predix platform. Predix apps manage data to help factories and other industrial clients save money, safeguard equipment, and improve output.

The Work

Railways. Factories. Power plants. These complex systems generate loads of data. How can we bring information to life, empowering humans to make better decisions for operating infrastructure?

The Challenge

The GE Predix framework lets factories, airlines, and rail companies measure the output and performance of their machines and network them together using “microservices.” But without a usable interface, all that data sits idle. Our task: to create apps that generate clear visualizations of very complex data sets, empowering equipment operators to make better decisions, faster.

What we built

Combining the powerful Predix platform with our expertise in mobile development, microservice architecture, and user-focused experiences, WillowTree prototyped several applications that deliver useful data visualizations to infrastructure operators. As a result, those operators can make better-informed decisions, faster.

We prototyped a custom app for power plants that allows business managers, energy traders, and plant managers and operators to collaborate digitally to set production schedules. Our intuitive data visualizations help the plants:

  • Increase profit
  • Minimize unplanned downtime
  • Optimize machine efficiency while maintaining a set maintenance schedule

We’ve also prototyped other apps that help plant managers and operators more effectively control and secure assets for power plants. Today, we continue to work with GE to keep the apps we created secure and up-to-date.

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The Results

WillowTree’s collaboration with GE was featured at GE’s Control Symposium.