Custom chatbots and virtual assistants designed for any device

Bring your brand to Alexa, Siri, Facebook Messenger, and more.

Augment your brand

WillowTree develops conversational user interfaces (CUIs) you can confidently put your brand behind. Our proprietary approach to Natural Language Processing (NLP) allows us to build reliable chatbots and virtual assistants customized to bring your brand’s voice and identity to your user’s most significant needs.

Natural Language Processing and Understanding

When designing a conversational experience, we recognize the importance of an intimate understanding of human language, meaning, and behavior.

Our team is constantly refining our process and toolset, dedicated to producing a seamless, natural, and completely tailored experience for you and your users, capable of learning and improving itself continually.

Reliable service assistants

Rather than being limited by a narrow tree of possible responses, our CUIs are built around vast ontological networks, guaranteeing accurate and appropriate comprehension and response in any context, whether you’ve got agents in the field who need hands-free assistance ordering a part or customers who need help completing an order.

Boost ROI

Putting a conversational user interface to work for your business translates to increased efficiency and risk reduction for field service agents, improvements in Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and loyalty, and increased brand engagement across the board.

Chatbots for any platform

Wherever your users are, a well-built CUI can get your brand in front of them. Our CUIs integrate seamlessly with all of the services your users already engage, including:

  • Facebook Messenger
  • Slack
  • SMS
  • Native web applications

To all of these platforms, we bring robust third-party service integration for learning and database accuracy, including:

Multi-modal experiences

The advent of home assistants and intelligent agents has opened up a new frontier of possibilities for interacting with your customers and users.

Humans read at ~250 words per minute and speak at ~150 words per minute, but can only type at ~40 words per minute (in English). The tech community is on a never-ending quest to create better ways to transmit data to our devices via speech and receive information visually on a screen.

WillowTree champions deeply integrated text, voice, and screen-based experiences, which go by many names, including multi-modal, immersive UX, and blended UX.

Our strategy for crafting multimodal experiences reflects this holistic approach to building a personalized conversational interface (CUI) and design.

Please view WillowTree's webinar on The Building Blocks of Better Bots


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