SALIX: VOD & streaming platforms in weeks not months

Salix is a customizable video platform for the IBM Cloud Video with turn-key integration

What is Salix?

With Salix, you can bring your video on demand platform to market in weeks instead of months. Salix is a front-end OTT platform that helps VOD providers create a customizable, world class user experience for their video content. Salix aims to help decrease time spent on design and development by providing key features “out of the box”.

Implementing Salix gives you the flexibility to efficiently offer the features listed below. After selecting the features and configuring custom elements, a Salix app is deployed to all platforms which integrates to your existing providers. The current version of Salix allows providers to reach their consumers on any device with a unified presence across iOS, tvOS Android, and Web. Salix has already become a vital tool for leaders in the video on demand space, and the on-going roadmap for this platform ensures that video on demand providers can continue to deliver upon the needs of subscribers.

Salix Supported Features

Chromecast Support • Picture in picture (iOS) • Airplay (iOS) • Swift 3 Upgrades (iOS) • tvOS Support • Advanced Search • Pop-up Categories • Push Notifications • Apple TV App Integration • Analytics Integration • Monetization Support • Hover States (Web) • Live with uStream • Enhanced Pages for Shows • Chainplay Support • Marketing Package • Deep Linking • A|B Testing • Marketing CMS Smart Watchlists • Roku Platform • UWP Platform • Dedicated Kids Section

Supported Platforms

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How does it work?

Salix helps OTT video providers (including those that integrate subscription-based and advertising models) level-up their platform customization and quickly launch front-end changes to their audiences. These front-end changes can be easily managed through a self-serve web content management system. In addition to the feature set listed above, Salix supports turnkey integration with IBM’s Cloud Video.

Currently, Salix is working behind-the-scenes to support the video experience for leading companies like Canadian Broadcasting Company (CBC), Fox News, Fox Sports, HBO, and National Geographic.

Salix vs. The Competitors

Salix offers flexibility; you don’t have to use every feature available within the platform and it can be highly customized to meet your specific needs.

Implement & Scale

Integrate 3rd Parties with Ease Because Salix is a “make it your own” platform, you have the flexibility to integrate 3rd party apps without compromising the end-user experience of your video service. We have experience integrating platforms that support payment processing, ad serving, customer service, subscription management, and analytics tracking. Adobe Omniture, Google Analytics, ZenDesk and Zuora are just a few of the leading platforms we have successfully integrated with Salix.

Powered by a Reputable Team Although Salix can be used without customization through provided templates and UI components, our award -winning development team can work with you to build-out enhanced functionality to further cater to your specific audience. Our partnership with IBM Cloud Video as a back-end video content host ensures you can scale not only the user-facing portion of your video platform, but sustain it as you add to your content library.

Trusted Security Protocols Security is a core focus for our team. Because of this, we are constantly evolving our security protocols to ensure we maintain compliance with modern standards including PCI and OWASP.

How do I get started with Salix?

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