New York City Office

Our New York City Office is located on the 10th floor of 115 Broadway.

The office is accessible by the 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, A, C, E, R, W, J, and Z trains. You will need to show ID to get into the building, and if there is no one to greet you at the entrance, you will need to go to the 5th floor to sign into WeWork as a guest and wait for your host to greet you.

If you are on either the A, C, J, Z, 4, or 5 trains, you need to get off the Fulton Stop. Once you exit the subway station, go to Broadway and head downtown (same direction as traffic). Depending on where you exit you will have to walk a few blocks to get to Broadway. Walk down until you see 115 Broadway on the right (the block after Zuccotti park).

If you are taking the R/W line, you will need to get off the Cortlandt Street Station and exit on Church Street to walk downtown (against traffic) until Cedar. Zuccotti park will be on your left, and once you walk across the park you will be across the street from 115 Broadway. The same directions are applicable to the E line where you need to get off the final stop, World Trade Center, and walk down Church St.

If you are taking the 1, you will need to get off the WTC Cortlandt stop and walk downtown with the WTC Memorial on your right. Take a left on Cedar and you walk until you are at Broadway, where the building will be on your right.

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