Mobile-First Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise-class mobility is a mobile strategy that makes sense for your business.

The WillowTree Perspective: Enterprise-Class Mobility

Today’s workforce can be found anywhere and everywhere. How can you deliver the mobile apps your employees need while protecting company information and minimizing IT overhead? Enterprise-class mobility includes an enterprise mobile strategy that makes sense for your business and a mobile application that securely delivers business functionality your users really need on their mobile devices. Enterprise mobile applications improve collaboration and productivity. A mobile-first approach can easily incorporate your business ecosystem—partners, suppliers, even customers—into your enterprise. And finally, a mobile application for workers in the field allows them to be productive from anywhere.

From Post-PC to BYOD

Mobile enterprise applications must address the broad range of devices—Android, iPhone, iPad, and Blackberry —that employees are using today. Many IT organizations have stopped provisioning cell phones for employees but must deal with the daunting task of integrating all these device types as platforms at the application layer of the enterprise. It’s a “Bring Your Own Device” era and mobile is one of the biggest trends in B2B communications as well as B2C.

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An Enterprise Mobile Solutions Platform Must:

  • Securely extend cloud and enterprise application functionality to mobile devices
  • Ensure business continuity and minimize IT overhead
  • Meet enterprise standards for scalability, security and availability
  • Effectively sync with internal applications for ERP, CRM and Finance/HR
  • Support BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) initiatives
  • Manage mobile identity
  • Ensure that the functionality of enterprise-scale apps render well on small screens

Our Mobile Enterprise Team Helps:

  • Develop a mobile enterprise strategy
  • Assess how to use mobile devices to boost workforce collaboration and productivity
  • Design and deliver enterprise mobile applications
  • Minimize IT overhead and provide counsel for IT governance
  • Mitigate risks
  • Determine the functionality your mobile business users really need
  • Develop APIs, adapt internal APIs and assist with testing
  • Integrate mobile with your clouds
  • Integrate mobile and enterprise apps through our proprietary “Tango” platform
  • Project manage your mobile integration


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