Mobile Solutions for CPG

Drive operational efficiencies and consumer loyalty with a tailored mobile strategy.

What can a mobile app do for CPG businesses?

CPG is a highly competitive industry dependent on keeping operations as efficient as possible and driving loyal, repeated purchase behaviors by consumers. The right mobile applications strategy can help you meet these goals. divider 600

Boost retail channel engagement

Improve efficiency and strength of communications with your retail partners. Immediate access to up-to-date inventory and client relationship information for your sales team via an internal sales application means smarter, more insightful business intelligence in the field. divider 600

Connect directly with consumers

A consumer facing loyalty and rewards app can offer customers alerts on discounts at selected retailers and incentivize repeat purchases, driving revenue and customer lifetime value (CLV), in addition to providing important consumer data for smarter inventory allocation and management. divider 600

Automate supply chain, inventory, and asset management

Supply chain, inventory, and asset management are central logistical concerns for most CPG businesses, and when poorly managed, can drive massive unnecessary costs in time and money.

Inventory management solutions for mobile cut down on virtually every area of inefficiency experienced in the supply chain. Empowering your employees with a mobile system for inventory management minimizes paperwork, tracking and count inaccuracy, and manual entry errors.

A mobile app can scan and record barcodes, receipts, and sync inventory counts across your entire company in real-time, making sure the right people have the right information when they need it, and fast. divider 600

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Solve procurement issues before they happen

Improve coordination of the suppliers, flag potential supply interuptions before they occur so you’re never caught off guard or unprepared. Mobile applications can also help identify and correct inefficiencies in input costs. divider 600

Integrate with current SAP services

If you happen to employ and SAP services, WillowTree can build apps to sit right on top of the SAP platform, guaranteeing seamless integration of the services you already trust to make your business run.

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