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What is the value of a mobile banking strategy?

Improved customer experience

Give your customers a direct channel to managing their accounts, allowing them to deposit checks, monitor transaction histories, pay bills, and more inside the app. Drive engagement with promotions and premier services. There’s no driving to the bank just to make a deposit, no waiting in line, and no paperwork to fill out.

Better, more frequent transactions

A mobile banking app allows your customers more transparency and ownership over their accounts, translating to smarter money management and a higher volume of automated transactions for savings and bill pay.

Allow customers to transfer funds in real-time and integrate text and email peer-to-peer transaction technologies, giving your customers every reason to use your app for every kind of transaction they need to make. [Stat on mobile customer banking account size compared with traditional]

Integration with POS systems worldwide

2017 was the year contactless payment went mainstream, and the volume of mobile payments are only projected to increase from here. Build integrations with Android and Apple Pay and provide real-time transaction alerts.

Best-in-class mobile security standards

As with any new technology, mobile banking requires top-tier, best-practices in security and protection. We ensure every line of code we write is triple-checked via a peer-review process to eliminate vulnerabilities in the app. Read more about our security practices for the code we write here.

But we don’t stop at our code—we also employ best-practices for mobile banking security in our user experiences to make sure your customers make smart, informed decisions when banking from their device, and providing the functionality for immediate push notifications to alert your customers to suspicious activity anywhere in their accounts, allowing them to freeze any transactions right from the app. divider 600


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