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YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and... Salix?

Streaming video is huge. Huge. Back in February, Forbes reported that people around the world now watch more than a billion (yes, billion with a b) hours of YouTube every day, with plenty of other services like Facebook and Netflix garnering hundreds of millions of hours more. Those services are excellent platforms for everyone from bloggers to huge brands that produce video content. But what if a business wants a complete streaming platform all to themselves? What if they want a streaming platform with total control and flexibility of the user experience? Not possible? Too expensive? Don’t have top notch engineers at your fingertips?

Enter Salix

Salix has been under development at WillowTree since 2014, and used in production since 2016. Salix incorporates all of the elements needed for an amazing and unique user experience for browsing any catalog of streaming video content. It comes complete with websites for desktop, tablets, and mobile devices, 100% native mobile apps on both Android and iOS, and even apps for TV connected devices like Chromecast and Apple TV - all with a world class user experience. Salix is unique because it isn’t a standardized one-size-fits-all platform like YouTube, or a syndicated content platform like Netflix. The differentiator is that Salix gives users the ability to tailor experiences based on their company, content, and clients. Earlier this year, we received a request by an existing (and very satisfied) Salix customer to add a slew of new features like user accounts, premium tier content, and a better advertising experience - no problem!

How do we do it?

Salix provides the basic level of functionality needed to make a robust streaming video platform:

  • Connection to your video content library of choice - a recommended content host is IBM Cloud Video
  • Beautifully designed UI elements like carousels, video shelves, series & season navigation, instant search, etc.
  • Hooks for flexible analytics
  • Advertising for revenue generation
  • Accessibility compliance
  • Best-in-class video player
  • Standardization across all supported platforms

On top of this strong foundation, we provide a final user-facing “client layer” with as much or as little customization as needed for each unique Salix app. This includes everything from minor design tweaks to major third party integrations that provide services specific to your application.

Salix blog graphic

As streaming video continues to grow in popularity, WillowTree and Salix will continue to be one step ahead, ready to meet the ever-higher user expectations of a smooth and enjoyable streaming experience. If you have ever thought about bringing your video content to the world through your own custom streaming platform, but decided it would simply cost too much time, money, and effort - think again.

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