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WillowTree's CEO Talks App Development Costs and Mobile Platform Selection

What are the key cost drivers of developing a mobile app? How do you determine whether to build an app for iOS, Android, or Windows? These are a few of the questions our CEO, Tobias Dengel, tackled in a recent interview with Clutch, the leading source of online mobile app developer reviews.

“I think if you’ve got to pick one platform [for a consumer app], we typically recommend iOS, just because it’s going to do better out in a consumer-facing environment, unless the app is a prototype kind of test app. Then, we recommend Android. For Android, we don’t have to go through an approval process with the App Store, and that approval process can take one to two weeks, and also there are just constraints around that. In Android, we can get something out, and tested, iterate on it, and figure out what consumers want much more quickly.”

The conversation is part of a series of interviews Clutch conducted on mobile app development topics. Clutch analysts assembled insights from all the interviews into several articles on app development to help consumers who are new to the field gain some essential knowledge.

Tobias was also asked for details on WillowTree’s development approach and positioning:

“What is unique about our approach is that we’re really focused on agile, and we feel the best way to achieve agile methodologies and the synergies that come from that approach is to have all our folks in one place. So, our entire company is based in Charlottesville, Va., which gives us great access to a very high-quality talent pool with the University of Virginia in our backyard. At the same time, it keeps our costs in control versus places like New York and the Bay Area of California.”

Visit Clutch to read the full interview with WillowTree.

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