Product Design

WillowTree @ SXSW 2017

WillowTree is taking SXSW by storm this year! We’re incredibly proud to be represented by three mobile UX-focused speakers: Jordan Dunn, David Murray, and Matthew Hewes.

Jordan Dunn, a Senior Product Designer at WillowTree, will talk about Designing for Accessibility on Sunday, March 12. Every product experience hinges on accessible design, an oft-ignored aspect of digital products that Jordan’s especially passionate about and has spent time extensively researching. Attendees will hear from visually impaired app users firsthand about their experiences - good and bad - with accessibility features. Jordan will highlight accessibility principles and provide helpful resources to include in design processes, as well as examples of accessibility in apps like Lyft, Reddit, Facebook, and Instagram. Click here to download Jordan’s accessibility toolkit.

Then, on Monday, March 13, Director of Product Design at WillowTree, David Murray, and Principal Product Designer Matthew Hewes will lead a 3-hour, hands-on workshop on Mobile UI Animations. They’ll explain why they believe 2017 is the year mobile animation design truly comes of age. Many apps have incorporated animations and transitions into the experience over the past few years, but now is the time to get more serious about their purpose. Gone are the days of designing each screen, then sprinkling animations on top during development. Animation should be considered a core part of your communication design – not just delight. David and Matthew’s workshop will guide attendees through implementing UI animations in mobile products, and will include the unveiling of an exciting new WillowTree open-source project…Spruce™!

We hope to see you in Austin!

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