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WillowTree Named Microchip's First App Design Partner in New Category

Microchip Technology Inc. (NASDAQ: MCHP), a leading provider of microcontroller, mixed-signal, analog and Flash-IP solutions, today announced that WillowTree is its first App Developer Specialist to join the Microchip world-class Design Partner Network. Microchip’s new App Developer Specialist category, which designates an exclusive focus on Web and native-app creation, builds on their deep roster of traditional embedded hardware and software development design partners. WillowTree is an award-winning and experienced iOS, Android™ and Mobile Web app developer that enables Microchip’s customers to focus on the core of their Internet of Things designs and expedite development cycles, while ensuring an excellent mobile-interface experience for their users. Additionally, WillowTree wrote the first mobile app for Microchip’s Wi-Fi ® Client Module Development Kit 1, which is newly available from the Apple ® App Store SM and enables customers to quickly get up and running with the kit’s cloud-based demo. WillowTree can also modify this cloud-demo app to suit a broad range of customer IoT design requirements. Microchip has long served the designers of connected embedded products, as well as the fast-growing Internet of Things market, with its variety of wireless solutions, sensors and eXtreme Low Power PIC®microcontrollers. Rather than trying to replicate the refined interfaces that users have come to expect from their mobile devices, many embedded designers would rather tap into that installed infrastructure to create apps for monitoring and control in real time and from any location. In combination with cloud-based connectivity, mobile apps are a natural way for users to interface with things such as wearable fitness monitors, security systems, home automation, garage-door openers and industrial controls. But that first experience with an app can make or break a product. Embedded designers can reduce the risk, complexity and time of app creation by employing WillowTree to do it for them. “We are excited to have WillowTree Apps join our design partner ecosystem,” said Cheri Keller, Microchip’s senior worldwide design partner manager. “Their innovative, best-in-class Web and mobile app designers can provide a tremendous advantage for many of our embedded-developer customers who may not have this expertise in-house.” “Connected things are the future of mobile. We see this partnership with Microchip as an important milestone for both our companies as it brings together all the pieces necessary to meet the continually arising demands surfacing as our digital and physical worlds converge,” said Michael J. Prichard, Founder and CTO of WillowTree Apps. “As a leader in their space, Microchip’s products give us the freedom to design and develop world-class user experiences for end-users that truly shape how successful products are in the marketplace.” To learn more about Microchip’s Internet of Things and Cloud solutions, please visit  

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