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The Forrester Wave™ research process is a rigorous one. To assess the state of the B2C mobile services provider market for more complex and transactional (commerce) apps, Forrester evaluated the strengths and weaknesses of top B2C mobile services providers with referenceable B2C mobile project qualifications in large enterprises. After examining past research, user needs assessments, and vendor and expert interviews, they developed a comprehensive set of 20 evaluation criteria. Forrester identified the 13 most significant B2C mobile services providers to evaluate…and WillowTree was one of them. To paraphrase an oft-heard Oscar quote, it was an honor just to be invited to participate in the Wave.

So given the elite group of service providers in this evaluation, we’re incredibly psyched that WillowTree was named a Strong Performer in The Forrester Wave™: B2C Mobile Services Providers, Q4 2016!

“We are extremely proud to be included in this Forrester Wave™,” said Tobias Dengel, CEO of WillowTree. “Even more exciting is the fact that we received the highest score possible in the referenceable work (which includes customer feedback) and employee retention criteria. We consider our clients as partners, and receiving feedback that, in our view, suggests our partners are extremely pleased with the mobile products we are delivering to them just reinforces our theory that hiring the best talent and giving them a culture where they want to stay produces amazing results.”

In the report, Forrester noted, “As technology becomes outdated and less effective, mobile moment design and user experience (UX) skills, employee retention, and a robust partner ecosystem will dictate which providers stand out from the pack.” WillowTree is cited as “a mobile agency that blends mobile strategy with consumer-grade design skills and enterprise-grade development capabilities,” and is mentioned as one of the “Technology services providers that excel in mobile development.” The report describes this group as “Used by both technology managers and lines of business, technology services providers’ core includes tech strategy, design, and execution. Leading providers in this category promote Agile as the default and continually evolve their developer practices and tech acumen to keep up with changing technology needs for mobile B2C projects. Increasingly, this group also has design and business strategy consulting capabilities.”

We’re proud of our recognition, and are happy to share a complimentary copy of the report with you: Forrester Wave™: B2C Mobile Services Providers, Q4, 2016.