WillowTree Launch: AEP Energy

Educating in the Energy Sector

When we partnered with AEP Energy in 2016, their team was looking for a website that would educate users, drive enrollment for their services, and – most importantly – look beautiful and represent their brand.

Together with the AEP team we created a responsive site with a fresh and modern design that we’re really proud of.

aep homepage

Here are just a few of the features on the new site:

  • Location-based Content. Users can enter their zip code from any page on the site to tailor promotional content to their region.
  • Simplified FAQs. We’ve all seen FAQ pages that are overrun with information that simply isn’t relevant to most users. We looked to change that by segmenting FAQs by region and customer type (residential, commercial, or small business).
  • Easy-to-use Navigation. The new main site navigation prioritizes key user tasks, with clear CTAs for login and enrollment.

You can experience the new website for yourself at AEPEnergy.com