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WillowTree Apps Included in Report on Enterprise Mobile App Services Providers By Leading Research Firm

WillowTree Apps announced today that a new report by Forrester Research Inc. provides guidance on choosing a mobile enterprise app project partner and recognizes WillowTree as one of the companies with a “laser focus on mobile projects and skilled workforce,” making them “a viable option for application development and delivery executives.”

In the September 2014 Forrester report titled, “Market Overview: Enterprise Mobile Application Services Providers,” Forrester recognizes WillowTree as one of the service providers that “foster innovation and develops unique approaches to mobile…[in the] enterprise service market.”

According to Forrester, the demand for enterprise mobile apps is increasing as companies recognize that employees need real-time information to win, serve, and retain customers. In addition, emerging technologies create new opportunities for brands to improve efficiency and engagement with customers.

This report states, “Enterprise mobile app projects are not like the enterprise tech management projects of the past. They require user-centric design, a high-velocity approach to development, and working toward an end state that is in flux.”

At WillowTree, we believe that we stand out in our approach to building enterprise applications and that we have the “special blend of skills” mentioned in Forrester’s report to set us apart from other mobile application development companies today. Specializing in field-sales solutions, mobile platforms engineering, and media delivery, WillowTree understands the nuances of designing intuitive user experiences and actively incorporates that knowledge into the enterprise apps we engineer. Our user-centric design approach is further complimented by a deep understanding of backend integration with legacy systems, resulting in fast and reliable apps with exceptional user experiences.

“We’re delighted to be included in this Forrester report,” said Tobias Dengel, CEO of WillowTree. “In the coming years we’ll continue to see large enterprises embrace the importance of digital transformation, as companies leverage the new architecture of mobile to drive revenues and cut costs. The potential is incredible – most of our enterprise mobile projects realize a 10x-20x ROI goal. Mobile design and development agencies are well-positioned to rapidly deliver on this promise for our clients.”

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