Why You Need to Know What Your Customers Expect

“Why did you give me scissors instead of a knife?”

When you sit down at a restaurant, how many times have you stopped to consider what your expectations are for the meal you’re about to eat? Without a second thought, you trust that your meal will come with everything you ordered, be cooked appropriately, and arrive in a timely manner—after all, you are a paying customer, and the restaurant had decent Yelp reviews. You may not even think about your expectations for the meal unless they are not met.

For example, imagine arriving at a steakhouse and you’re given a fork and scissors to cut your steak. You’d look around bewilderedly and wonder if someone was playing a prank on you. While the restaurant gave you a tool that is capable of cutting through a steak, it wasn’t what you would ever expect.

Your expectation of having a fork and a knife to cut your steak probably did not even occur to you until you sat, confused, staring down at a pair of scissors instead. Perhaps, the scissors were indeed the best tool for cutting your steak—but the restaurant never explained the benefits of using scissors, and in doing so, failed to reset your expectations.

Ultimately, customer expectations shape their experience, and by giving you scissors instead of a knife, this restaurant did not meet your expectations—and the poor experience that this created will likely make the restaurant the subject of a funny anecdote rather than your go-to Saturday night eatery.

When it comes to digital solutions, it’s common to find tools that, while functional, do not meet your users’ expectations. When this happens, customers are left asking, “How do I use this?” or “What am I supposed to do with this?” The right tools can be the difference between a satisfied, lifelong customer, and one who leaves and never comes back.

Customer expectations are constantly changing, and it is crucial for your business to align with their expectations in order to maintain their trust. Maybe you know what your customer wants but aren’t sure of the best tools to deliver on expectations. Maybe you need to reframe your customer’s expectations and offer something that creates a new experience (though, we don’t suggest using scissors to cut your steak).

Ultimately, you’ll need to understand your customers, your technology options, as well as have the right team in place to build the solution.

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