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Why You Can Expect More From a Digital Agency

Every time a consumer engages with a brand, the experience they have, either implicitly or explicitly, shapes what that person can expect from that brand, now and into the future. Whether that experience is having a pizza delivered or building a new digital solution, client satisfaction is largely derived from whether or not the experience meets their expectations.

In order to align client expectations to the experience, companies can explicitly define what people should expect from them with a brand promise. By making a clear promise to clients, companies create a framework to meet expectations and build trust. For example, everytime Burger King enables their consumers to customize their meal and “Have it Your Way,” they meet the expectations of the brand promise and build trust with their customers. In many ways, the success of a brand is dependent upon how well and how often they can meet and exceed their clients’ expectations.

WillowTree + Dynamit Merger: Our Combined Promise

When WillowTree merged with Dynamit to form the largest digital product agency in the United States, we had to answer a very important question:

“How do we ensure that we continue to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations?”

Both WillowTree and Dynamit had made promises to our clients.

  • WillowTree’s brand promise is to create “incredible user experiences that exceed your desired outcomes.”
  • Dynamit invites clients to “expect more from a digital partner.”

Both organizations have been heavily focused on satisfying and delighting clients, and our combined capabilities enable us to even more wholly fulfill the promise to exceed expectations.

With complementary services and a combined talent pool in some of the United States’ most well-educated emerging cities, WillowTree can support clients at every stage of the product lifecycle.

Complementary Capabilities

Dynamit has over a decade of experience in website development and CMS implementation, with technology partners such as dotCMS, Bloomreach, Episerver, Crownpeak, and Sitecore. With software development and consulting expertise, plus strategy and design chops, Dynamit has been a leading digital solutions provider for the restaurant, utility, healthcare, and hospitality industries.

WillowTree also has over a decade of development experience, more heavily focused in mobile apps and IoT, leveraging partnerships with Apple, Google, Braze, and Roku to serve clients in financial services, media, hospitality, and retail industries. As the digital ecosystem has evolved, WillowTree has also expanded their capabilities to include comprehensive design, strategy, and growth marketing.

As both companies began building digital solutions for clients in the mid-late 2000s, businesses began to ask questions like, “Should I build a website or a mobile app? Once I have something built, how can I get people to use it?”

We have always consulted on these questions for our clients, but our combined experience enables us to also action on those answers even more comprehensively than we could before, plus anticipate questions to come.

As the questions evolve from, “Should I build a website or a mobile app?” to “I know that I need both a website and a mobile app — which should we build first?” and “How can we integrate a voice assistant into our new mobile app?” WillowTree will continue to partner with our clients to answer and action upon these questions, leveraging our combined expertise to drive business outcomes for clients.

Unmatched Talent

Both Dynamit and WillowTree have been able to meet and exceed client expectations by hiring and growing incredible people. With cultures focused on mentorship and empowerment, team members from both organizations are deeply dedicated and skilled at finding the best solution for our clients.

Dynamit hired 75 employees in 2019, drastically expanding the team in Columbus, OH, which was recently named by Forbes as the No. 1 metro area for hiring in the Midwest and No. 2 in the country.

WillowTree has also grown its team in 2019, hiring 170 team members in Charlottesville, VA, Durham, NC, and New York, NY, all of which have earned honors in livability and breadth of job opportunities. Charlottesville has won over 20 “best places to live awards” in the past decade, and Durham’s rapid economic growth in the past 5-10 years has earned the central North Carolina Triangle those accolades as well.

The combined WillowTree organization will continue to cultivate teams in emerging places such as Columbus, Charlottesville, and Durham — smaller cities that have not always been considered technology hubs, but that are growing rapidly in terms of job opportunities and technology investments, plus offer pleasant and affordable living. We hire from the extensive talent pool that comes from some of the United States’ most prestigious universities, such as the University of Virginia, Duke University, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, The Ohio State University, and North Carolina State University.

We know that happy team members produce the best work, and that if we take care of our people, they will take care of our clients, and they will enjoy doing so for a long time.

Meeting client expectations requires not only putting a brand promise on place, but also cultivating an environment and building skills to ensure that we keep our promise and exceed expectations over and over again. With our comprehensive digital capabilities and unmatched talent, WillowTree will continue to keep our promise and invite our clients to expect more from an agency partner.

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