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Why Hire an Agency to Manage Your Growth Stack

Think about the many tools that your company uses to market, sell and communicate with your customers. Are there things you are currently doing manually that you wish could be automated? Does your team wish they had better analytics on how your customers are engaging with your product? Do you spend time translating data from two tools that don’t communicate with each other? These are all common problems that companies face by not having a cohesive growth stack: a suite of connected tools used in marketing, analytics, data and customer relationship management.

When your company is ready to set up a growth stack, it can be overwhelming to diagnose problems that different teams may face, let alone tackle implementation on the backend. In our team’s experience, time-to-value with the adoption of new tools tends to be 12-18 months for enterprise organizations and the adoption of new tools can often end up around 40% of total capabilities due to inadequate training. That’s where digital product agencies come in. So why should your company hire a digital product agency to manage your growth stack?

Deep Relationships With Growth Stack Tool Parters

Agencies that have partnerships with the tools that make up the growth stack provide a tactical advantage. We know the tools inside out and have established communications with the tool partners. Plus, we are always the first to hear about tool updates and new features!

Implementation of a new tool can often be delayed as a client team tries to carve out time to communicate their goals, establish an understanding of the tool, and search tool documentation for answers to questions. An agency with an expert growth marketing team is your shortcut to the perfect growth stack. We know how to set the tool up to perform long-term because we’ve done it before and we know how to get organizations aligned on what needs to be measured and tracked. We provide subjective guidance and recommendations on what tools are the best fit for each client’s needs and goals. Instead of spending time comparing tools based on marketing brochures and documentation, a growth marketing team can provide you with straightforward comparisons and recommendations based on our deep understanding of the tools.

Cross-Functional Teams

Employing an agency with cross-functional teams of growth marketers, developers, data analysts, designers and strategists enables you to achieve breakthrough results in each engagement. When setting up a growth stack, you will need subject matter experts across all of these teams, which can be difficult to find in one team outside of an agency. At WillowTree, we put all of those cross-functional teams to work for you, freeing up your team’s time and leading to better outcomes. Our agile-style approach means that we will create custom plans to implement your dream growth stack step-by-step in line with your company’s priorities and timelines.

A Unique Growth Mindset

We take a unique perspective on marketing — we work with companies to deliver data-driven acquisition and retention strategies. The growth stack unites lifecycle marketing teams, and we act as a guide to help deliver a customer experience that feels personalized and insightful. Our team will work with you to craft marketing strategies that maximizes customer lifetime value, not just a broader pool of unengaged customers. Whether your team needs help with A/B testing across email campaigns, launching push messaging, or setting up automated marketing, our expert growth team will set your company up for long term success.

WillowTree Growth Marketing

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