Why locating a leading app development company in VA and NC makes so much sense

Congratulations to Virginia and North Carolina for Ranking #1 and #3 respectively on CNBC’s 2019 list of best states for business.

There is a massive demand and supply imbalance in the US for high tech development and design talent, which is why we picked Virginia and North Carolina to house WillowTree. According to a recent McKinsey study, most companies list the lack of ability to hire technical talent among their primary constraints on their ability to innovate and compete. As a leading app development company, we need access to the best talent in the world.

The category rankings clearly show how both states ended up near the top:

Workforce: Virginia #1, North Carolina #7

Education: Virginia #1

Economy: North Carolina #1

In addition, Virginia and North Carolina offer significantly lower costs of doing business than states like New York and California, and an amazing lifestyle. Our average commute in the Charlottesville office, for example, is 12 minutes.

Both our Charlottesville, VA and Durham, NC offices have proven to be incredible locations to find the talent we need to service our clients based largely in up and down the eastern seaboard and Midwest. Direct flights in less than 90 minutes to New York, Boston, DC, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Miami and Chicago, among many others, make it all possible.

The “secret sauce” of creating great tech teams has many ingredients, but one is certainly locating in highly educated, great lifestyle, but lower cost locations like Virginia and North Carolina.

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