White Castle Launches New Website with WillowTree (formerly Dynamit)

A Flexible Website for an Iconic Brand

An iconic brand like White Castle deserves a website that delivers more of what people crave. We’re thrilled to announce that our partner White Castle has launched its new and improved website! Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, White Castle is home to the most influential burger of all time, the Original Slider®.

White Castle’s business has continued to evolve over the past few years with an increased focus on grocery retail sales and restaurant delivery. White Castle’s website required more flexibility and reprioritization in order to keep up with a constantly changing industry and to properly highlight the things that matter most to White Castle’s customers and its business. In addition to improving the site’s flexibility, White Castle wanted all customers to have access to the website, adopting ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) accessibility best practices to allow users with disabilities to navigate and explore the site more easily, as well as to be used with screen readers and other assistive technology more readily.

In early 2018, White Castle decided it was time to rethink its web experience, choosing to partner with WillowTree (formerly Dynamit), who they were already working with on a variety of digital marketing projects. A few of the key points for the new website were to implement a flexible CMS that gave White Castle more control, find new and creative ways to engage White Castle’s fans, and create a look and feel that authentically reflected the essence of White Castle. This took a partner who understands how to combine the power of digital marketing and software consulting and development. Working with White Castle’s team, WillowTree was able to create clarity around the problem and bring the best solution forward.

A Flexible CMS

Together, White Castle and WillowTree chose the dotCMS platform as the best fit for the project as it allows White Castle to operate more nimbly, adjusting content on-the-fly to reflect ever-changing offerings. Through dotCMS, White Castle now has more freedom and flexibility to choose what they promote and where it shows up throughout the site, with immediate examples being its focus on grocery and delivery. This gives White Castle even more flexibility for future iterations of the site.

More Crave-able Content

White Castle has always been a brand with passionate fans — a group affectionately known as Cravers. For Cravers new and old, the site incorporates a variety of ways to engage with the brand. The Crave is a new section of the site that allows users to tailor the content to their preferences, dialing up and down various types of info to explore more of what they love about White Castle. In addition, fans can explore Craver Nation — including recipes submitted by fans and learn about the boldest Cravers of all in the Cravers Hall of Fame. Last but not least, for those extra morsels of Craver flavor, look out for Rooks — a castle-inspired icon sprinkled throughout the site that gives you access to go deeper and learn just a little bit more about the brand.

bring home the crave image

A Modern & Classic Brand

In addition to redesigning the website user experience, the new site redefines how the brand is presented digitally. Like most restaurant brands, White Castle will always rely heavily on product imagery, capturing all that the brand encompasses necessitated a new direction. This included a greater emphasis on the full experience of enjoying White Castle’s food, specifically nostalgia, creating a sense of memorable moments through a modern lens. To do this, WillowTree developed a photo style guide to guide photo shoots and utilize this feeling. Not only does the new website heavily showcase this imagery, but the site’s increased flexibility also empowers White Castle to adjust the imagery as needed.

To see the new imagery in action, learn about White Castle’s delivery partners, or find a grocery store carrying White Castle products, visit https://www.whitecastle.com/. You may even learn what it is that inspires a fanbase as passionate as White Castle’s Cravers.