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What you need to know about the iPhone X

Apple’s big product announcements are like a giant birthday party at WillowTree. We have good guesses about what’s under the wrappers, but until we see it we don’t know for sure. The iPhone X announcement turns out to be a pretty big deal from the design perspective, and the Watch has now been freed up to work standalone with cellular connections, which we believe will create a whole new wave of useful Watch applications.

You’ll likely have read a number of detailed breakdowns of the Apple Launch Event in the last week, so I’ll spare you the broad recap. Our teams have already begun studying and solving for various implications of the announcements. Here are some of the most interesting and actionable ideas we’ve come away with from the event: divider 600 Designing for a notched world
Love it or hate it, the iPhone X’s notch is a reality. Rather than participating in the internet’s collective histrionics surrounding this decision, our product design team is focused on embracing the excitement of a non-rectangular frontier. Read more in this post from WillowTree’s Chief Experience Officer Blake Sirach.

Meet TrueDepth, iPhone X’s AR-ready front camera
The TrueDepth front camera array on the new iPhone X is a big step forward, not only for Face ID, but for the possibilites it opens up for augmented reality apps. Software Engineer Soo Park walks us through the implications and possibilities this new camera presents.

Just how secure is Face ID?
If Apple’s claims are accurate, Face ID is orders of magnitude more secure than Touch ID. Our VP of Security, Adrian Guevara, breaks that claim down, and addresses other questions and concerns surrounding this as-yet untested new frontier in personal device security. divider 600 We’re excited to bring the WillowTree process of design and development to all of Apple’s new products, and can’t wait to see what Apple’s hardware competitors roll out before the holiday season.

As ever, please feel free to reach out with any questions or comments.

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