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What we say about discrimination and police brutality matters, but what we do about them effectuates real change.

All of us at WillowTree are deeply deeply disturbed by the horrific killing of George Floyd, handcuffed and unarmed. This event has once again shown how significant the injustices in America are, and how far we still have to go. The acts of violence toward minority communities are further underpinned by unacceptable differences in opportunity and access to education, community services, and health care, as has once again become painfully apparent during the COVID crisis.

We strongly support the goal of the protesters to not just ensure something like this never happens again, but to fundamentally address and change the forces of racial discrimination in our society.

Today, we are announcing $25,000 in support for causes related to racial justice, including up to $10,000 in matches for team member donations to related organizations of their choosing, and $5,000 for each of our partner organizations.*

Additional specific actions we are taking at WillowTree:

  • We support any WillowTree team member’s desire to take time off to peacefully protest or recover from these events.
  • We will continue to provide mental health resources and support to WillowTree team members, such as employee assistance programs (EAP) and employee resource groups.
  • WillowTree will meaningfully increase our financial and volunteer support for our partner organizations addressing those that are historically underserved in our communities – with the goal of significantly diversifying the tech-enabled workforce of tomorrow. The specific organizations we are supporting in each of our communities are:
  • We will continue to ensure that inclusion and sensitivity training are part of both onboarding and regular recurring training at WillowTree.
  • We will renew and refocus our efforts to increase diversity throughout WillowTree including in our leadership team.

Our goal is to support members in the community who are taking action now, and longer term for WillowTree and our team members to specifically target the digital divide and the unacceptable lack of diversity in the technology industry.

We are all together in this time. Let us now redouble our efforts to effect real change, both as a company and as members of our communities.

And let us remember George Floyd and the many, many named and unnamed victims of racial discrimination and police brutality.

  • *Note: We have increased the donation amount that we will match for causes supporting racial justice to $15,000, with a total donation amount of $35,000 at this time. We are grateful for the generosity of our team members who reached our initial match goal in less than 24 hours.

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