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#WAT-Up /topic Each week, the Web Applications Team (WAT) at WillowTree uses Slack to post interesting articles, share development tricks, and discuss technologies used in our world. Here’s a breakdown of what we talked about this week.

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If you’re a fan of all things React, sign up for their weekly newsletter. It offers articles, tutorials, resources, projects, and job postings. This week’s posting features state in React and how to use Ramda and React to write applications a functional way.

If you’re looking for some free (and some not-so-free) screencasts about front-end development, check out Front End Center. The first two are free: Webpack From First Principles and Current Color - The First CSS Variable. If you like what you see, you can pay for a subscription to receive bimonthly content. If you’re feeling noncommittal, sign up at the bottom of the page for just the free episodes, released every couple of months.

@animation: GreenSock - the Secondhand Superhero of the Internet

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GreenSock, an animation suite, has some pretty bold claims–“the new standard for HTML5 animation," "the Swiss Army Knife of animation…but better,” and an even better logo (see left). All marketing aside, this suite allows you to animate anything, at minimal cost to performance and with zero compromise cross-browser. Check out this amazing plugin demo, where physics meets animation meets Javascript.

@elm: Better than React?

WillowTree is beginning to explore Elm more closely and we couldn’t help but be wowed by their performance blog post. If you’re skeptical of the results, check out how they optimized code for each framework, their methodology, and learn why Elm is so fast.

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Convinced that Elm could be the next big thing? Us too. We’re currently exploring tutorials and Elm is definitely on our technology radar.

Moving from Monolith to Microservices Architecture

When a client decides to move from a monolith platform to microservice architecture,...

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