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/topic Each week, the Web Applications Team (WAT) at WillowTree uses Slack to post interesting articles, share development tricks, and discuss technologies used in our world. Here’s a breakdown of what we talked about this week.

@observe-this: I Spy Observables

Observables are great for modeling push-based data (like DOM events and sockets). They’re compositional, as in they can be composed with higher-order combinators, and they’re lazy because an observer has to subscribe before emitting data. Check out the proposal that introduces Observables into ECMAScript for examples and a more thorough write up.

@rest: Microsoft’s Approach to REST

Microsoft recently posted their REST API Guidelines. Their intent is to ensure RESTful interfaces are consistent, easy to read and maintain, and are cross-platform friendly. This is a crucial read for any application developer.

@testing: WAT Tackles Testing Once More

Previously, in #WAT-UP1.0 , I mentioned that WAT was considering testing with Tape , which utilizes the Test Anything Protocol. We’ve since decided to try Ava , which still supports TAP, but runs tests concurrently as separate processes unlike Tape. This forces atomic testing, which is easier to maintain and encourages developers to write pure functions. It also means Ava is significantly faster than some of the bigger testing names (like Mocha ).

@react: Routes without React Router

I was shocked to learn that Facebook doesn’t use React Router in most of its projects. I was even more surprised to learn how simple it is to create a lightweight, custom router in under 50 lines of code. Check out this implementation of a custom router and scroll to the bottom for example boilerplates featuring the new routing approach.

@beautify: Blaze and Material Kit

BlazeCSS is an open source, modular CSS framework. It’s small, fully responsive, and has a cool name. In all seriousness, Blaze tries to bridge the gap between gigantic frameworks like Bootstrap and tiny frameworks like Skeleton.

If you’re more of a Google fan, check out this free bootstrap UI kit inspired by Google’s material design. “Material Kit makes use of light, surface and movement” which is obvious with its fresh layout and animations. See for yourself.

@tips: Simple Tools to Help Your Workflow

EditorConfig : Helps you maintain your coding preferences across editors and IDEs. Spectacle : Keyboard shortcut app resize and move windows on your desktop screen.

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