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/topic Each week, the Web Applications Team (WAT) at WillowTree uses Slack to post interesting articles, share development tricks, and discuss technologies used in our world. Here’s a breakdown of what we talked about this week.

@security: Typosquatting - Not Just for Domains!

Typosquatters register false domains that take advantage of user typos (“” vs. “”). This blogger wrote his thesis on typosquatting in programming language package managers such as PyPi,, and He executed false programs on 17,289 unique hosts and gained administrative rights to 43.6% of those hosts.

@wait-wat: Javascript Conditionals Rendering False to True for No Apparent Reason

Have you seen this Imgur post? This is a JIT bug in V8, found in Chrome 51. Check out this Reddit thread for more information on bug variations, explanations, and other related browser issues.

@testing: The Ongoing, Never-Ending Debate

WAT has been discussing how to efficiently and effectively include testing in our applications. We haven’t landed on one particular tool yet, but a member of the team put in a plug for Tape - a simplified testing harness for node and browsers. It’s compatible with many different types of workflow, requires minimal maintenance, and encourages users to create readable bug reports while writing test code. Click here for a great article that compares the ever popular Mocha to Tape and discusses how to practically incorporate testing into your development workflow.

@beautify: Handy CSS Tips for Angled Edges and Pseudo Elements

Angled Edges: This article shows how you can use clip-path, skewed CSS-generated content, and Sass mixins to add angled edges to elements in your CSS.

The Magic of Pseudo Elements : Pseudo elements, :before and :after, have many applications for web design. Some of my favorite uses for pseudo elements include showing URLs of links in printed web pages, creating browser width bars without div wrappers, making responsive data tables, and adding delimiters between navigation items without JS, but there are many more applications described in this article.

Xcode Cloud: Choosing the Right Continuous Integration and Delivery Tool for Your Team

Apple recently announced the release of Xcode Cloud at the latest iteration of their...

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