Video Interviews: What to expect and why we value them

Video Interviews are increasingly becoming an early step in the hiring process for recruiting teams considering new applicants. This method helps connect a resume to a face and a personality, and can help gather some initial information on how the applicant approaches candid questions.

If you’ve landed here, you may have been invited to take part in a video interview and are curious to know more about the process. In that case, Congratulations! We can’t wait to hear from you. However if you haven’t taken part, you may be a little nervous about the format–and that’s okay. Below, we’ll talk about what to expect from the process, why we do it this way, and how we can work together if any part of the process makes you anxious or uncomfortable.

What is a video interview like?

Before you begin your interview, you’ll have the opportunity to practice and test out your hardware. Once you’re ready, a series of prompts that explore your skills and experience will appear on the screen. Don’t worry, we won’t have you whiteboarding - we save the in-depth stuff for our phone and onsite interviews.

What if I mess up?

Before answering each question, you’ll have some “think time” (usually a minute or two) to consider the question and your answer before the camera starts rolling. And if you mess up, don’t sweat it; most questions allow one retry.

Who’s going to see my video?

Once you’ve submitted your video, a member of our Talent Acquisition team will review it and send it to the hiring manager. After the hiring manager has viewed your submission, your video will be deleted.

Why is this part of the process?

While the process may not feel as natural as a face-to-face interaction, it’s important to note that WillowTree receives over 12,000 applications per year. Because of the high volume of applicants, we want our recruiting process to be as thorough and enjoyable as possible while also being respectful of your time. So instead of scheduling and conducting 12,000 phone interviews, or worse, just relying on automated tools, our team of Talent Acquisition Strategists want to provide a more personalized and flexible approach.

Not only is a real, live human looking at every one of those applications, but WillowTree is unique in that our interviewing team largely consists of your future teammates who have a say in the hiring process. It allows us to hire great people who are truly passionate about what they do. Asynchronous interviews are what makes this practical. Your teammates-to-be can be involved in the hiring process without having to juggle multiple schedules or detract from their regular project work.

This format also offers some advantages to the candidate. Some folks really flourish with video interviews, because it allows them to speak in a comfortable environment with no pressure to be perfect. It can be completed at your convenience, in the comfort of your own home, and you can be sure you’re getting exactly the same questions as the next person.

Still unsure?

WillowTree wants to meet the best version of you, and we also understand that every individual’s circumstances are unique. Partnership and inclusion are a huge part of our core values. We’re not just looking for these traits in you; we strive to demonstrate them in our hiring process, too.

You should also know that you can cover the camera! Though Spark Hire will check for the device, our reviewers know not to count it against you if we receive an application without the video component. (Some of us are camera shy, too.) Not everyone has access to the same resources, and we don’t want you worrying about whether your environment will affect your interview. We get it. Don’t stress, be comfortable, and be yourself.

Our Talent Acquisition team strives to create a great experience for every candidate interviewing at WillowTree. If this format poses a challenge to you, and you’re concerned it might affect the quality of your interview, we encourage you to reach out to us at We’ll work together to find a solution. We know that as a candidate, there are hundreds of opportunities available to you, and we’re thrilled that you chose WillowTree.

We’re looking forward to getting to know you!

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