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The Google I/O Women Techmakers' Social is a can't-miss event for women in tech

This year WillowTree had two women attend the Women Techmakers Social. Here’s what they had to say about their experience at the event:

Year 1 as a Woman Techmaker

Caroline Hompe

As someone who is relatively new in my career in tech, attending a large scale conference like Google I/O is an extremely valuable opportunity to not only learn about the emerging technologies in our space, but can also be overwhelming.

Identifying smaller communities and meetups to network and learn is something I found to be helpful in navigating the conference. Women Techmakers, an organization that provides visibility, community, and resources to women in the technology space, is one of these communities.

Upon arriving to the Women Techmakers’ kickoff dinner event, the goal of supporting women was tangible. From the chalkboard walls of encouraging quotes from women at the event, to people getting to know one another over a meal, the essence of the amazing community shone through.

Meeting smart, ambitious, and successful women from all over the world was inspiring and encouraging. The event was an incredible space to celebrate the global community of women, and I plan on continuing to be apart of this organization.

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Year 2 as a Woman Techmaker

Ayesha Zafar

This was personally my second year attending the social and it continued my belief that this social is the best event for any woman at Google I/O to attend. It is not only held in a beautiful venue (with great food and drinks) but also an inspiring event to see so many women in tech.

We all know that there are not enough women in tech and we should strive to improve this in different ways, but what I love about this event and organization is that it recognizes the women in tech now. I loved the passion that came across from the attendees and organizers and am proud to be a woman in tech.

There are a few other events this organization is putting on during I/O including meet-ups, a women techmakers panel, and finally a group photo. If you are a woman in tech attending Google I/O this year I hope to see you at one of these events!

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