The Rise of BloomReach

Bullish on BloomReach

At WillowTree (formerly Dynamit,) we approach each project with a learn-first mindset. This often means leaning into a client’s internal needs to help them identify the best Web Content Management platforms for both their users and content managers. But, as this is an industry that is constantly evolving, we continue to evolve our views on go-to WCM platforms. With last week’s release of Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management, we felt compelled to recognize one of our favorite WCM platforms, which just made its way into the Leaders quadrant: BloomReach (which you may have heard of as Hippo). Hippo was a niche player in the WCM magic quadrant only two years ago. BloomReach acquired Hippo CMS late last year and made it a core element of the BloomReach Experience platform. This combination catapulted BloomReach into the Leaders category.

What’s so Great About BloomReach?

One of the key trends we discuss with many of our clients is machine learning. There’s perhaps no company better able to execute machine learning in a business-centric way than BloomReach. Add that to the great CMS capabilities acquired through Hippo, and you have a very powerful combination. We loved Hippo in the past, we’re bullish on the future, and we’re thrilled with where things stand today.

Our team enjoys working with BloomReach for many types of WCM implementations, especially when there are multiple points of integration — which there almost always are — in a web or mobile application development project. The openness of BloomReach and interoperability of the software allow us to develop sites more efficiently. This is a huge win for our clients. Almost everyone wants to get things done faster — to shave time off of timelines — BloomReach is one of the few WCM solutions that allows us to do that.

BloomReach also has very strong content management tools in an intuitive UI. We find it to be easier to use for content managers than almost any other CMS. This is a key consideration for us. We don’t want WCM users to be burdened by superfluous features and complex workflows. We want a CMS that, first and foremost, provides a great experience for the highest priority features. This well aligned with the mindset we help our customers bring to their solutions - consider your users first and provide a simple, intuitive experience.

BloomReach is also always improving. They listen to their customers, react to change, and anticipate what will be important to customers in the future. This combination, along with the architecture supporting the software, allows BloomReach to be more nimble than other WCM providers.

We aren’t the only ones this bullish on BloomReach — Gartner extolls many of these same traits, which is a direct reflection of the opinion of BloomReach customers. (Check out the full report if you are interested.)

We don’t always recommend BloomReach — we stay true to ourselves and always look to find the best fit for our clients — and we have other partners in the Magic Quadrant, but when we do recommend BloomReach, we’re always glad we did.

If you want to learn more about our work with BloomReach, get in touch. We’d love to talk!