The Key to Becoming an Employees' Choice Best Place to Work

WillowTree is thrilled to announce that we are ranked #28 on the Glassdoor Employees’ Choice Awards, a list of the Best Places to Work in 2020.

What is most unique about this award is also what is most unique about WillowTree — it’s driven by team members. The Employees’ Choice Best Places to Work is entirely based on feedback that our people have provided on Glassdoor about WillowTree’s compensation & benefits, work-life balance, cultural values, career opportunities, senior management, and business outlook.

WillowTree did not become a “best place to work” by checking off boxes in each of those categories, rather, we have established a set of core values that we use to guide and evaluate every aspect of the company.

When looking through WillowTree’s Glassdoor reviews, the topic of core values comes up over and over again.

One of our reviewers said it best: “Core values are not just items we throw up on the website, but instead core values are incorporated into everyday life at WillowTree.”

How Do We Incorporate Core Values Everyday at WillowTree?


“An emphasis on craft pushes me to do more and reach my highest potential at WillowTree. Not only does craft drive our projects forward, it also fosters a motivating culture and allows us to produce a product our digital partners are proud of.” Emma Kujawa, Product Analyst

Sustainable Flow

“Whether it’s time to focus on a difficult task, or ideation on a new feature, setting time aside for sustainable flow allows me the time and space to do my best work. This concentrated time is when productivity and creativity thrive.” Brent Harmanis, Sales Operations Manager


“Embracing the ownership core value has really helped me to become a more efficient and overall stronger worker. I’m the type of person who wants to be everywhere and help with everything, and in reality, that’s really hard to do — it’s inefficient and leaves you feeling like you can’t meet expectations. It may seem paradoxical, but I see ownership as the ability to let go, and look to your team for help. Sharing the ownership of a task or project has helped me feel more confident, knowing that more ideas will be brought to the table and with the team’s contribution, the end result would potentially be better than if I have done it myself.” Tom Havin, Growth Manager


“It’s very easy to work diligently and proficiently when the people around you are all pushing towards the same goal and have an optimistic attitude while doing so. It’s comforting to know that everyone is collaborating and participating at all times when working at WillowTree.” Joshua Brown, Project Management Intern

Open Communication

“For me, I feel that the WillowTree core value of open communication is likely one of the most important. It is the foundation for psychological safety. We work in teams, in a highly interdependent environment with complex challenges. The ability of a team to share opinions, and speak openly about mistakes and successes allows for faster learning, quicker problem-solving, and a higher level of collaboration. A team that can talk will always win.” Larry Banner, Vice President of Learning & Development


“Having partnership as a core value is crucial to our culture because it shapes every interaction. We all join a project team knowing that we are in this together, with common goals and desired outcomes that can only be achieved side by side. Our client’s needs and values become our own and we work with them to problem-solve. That basis of mutual respect and encouragement to work closely with one another, I believe, is what makes our sense of team so strong.” Shadiah Garwell, Product Designer


“A few months ago in Durham, we hosted a group of 3rd-5th graders from a local children’s initiative for a tour of our office and a conversation about diversity and inclusion in tech. One of the team members who brought the group shared with me recently that WillowTree is the only workplace that they’ve visited that the kids continue to talk about and ask when they can come back. They recognized people at our office that look like them and heard about careers they didn’t know existed before they came here. WillowTree is also the only office they’ve visited where team members actually interacted with the kids, had one-on-one conversations, and answered their questions, no matter how ‘silly.’" Darian Smallwood, Office Assistant divider 600 Our goal at WillowTree is to be the best place to work in the states of Virginia, North Carolina, and Ohio, and we are certain that our core values will help us continue to create spaces for all people to do their best work.

Thank you so much to our incredible team members who have earned us this honor. We are grateful for each of you who lives our core values every day.

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