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The future of user interface: voice meets screen

Alexa vs Google Home - where should my company invest?”

“We just launched our best mobile app yet, but I hear we should be building chatbots?”

“What do I need to know about Android Instant Apps?”

Not a day goes by that I don’t get one of those, or a number of related questions, from our clients and prospects, so I was excited to share my answers at a great event earlier this month. My presentation at the Landmark CIO Summit in NYC, “The Future of User Interface: Voice Meets Screen,” addressed how to engage customers through a variety of targeted technologies like conversational interfaces. Instead of typing, tapping or using a mouse, we will primarily use our voices, but the response from our devices will vary among voice, text and graphics, depending on our context. What we call “Multimodal UX,” and others call “blended experiences,” will be the biggest change in human interface design since the iPhone revolutionized mobile 10 years ago. The shift to multimodal will change everything from how consumers buy online or consume content, to how employees in the field rapidly access information.

Enjoy my entire presentation below, and drop us a line if we can help you go multimodal. Embedded content:

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