Subletting for your summer internship

You’re getting ready to start at an awesome company over the summer and it’s in a new town! Some of you may have never rented an apartment, and have stayed in dorms throughout your college experience. Some of you may be seasoned renters, having your own apartment from the beginning of college. Regardless, there are some resources for you to look at, factors for you to look into and questions that you should probably ask the person you are subletting from.

Resources to check out:

  • - one of our favorites at WillowTree, especially since we are in a college town. Typically sublets are posted mid-Spring semester.
  • - while this is popular, you should be wary of craigslist. Always make sure images are on the page, and if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.
  • - one of the more expensive options, but maybe you could rent a room in a house near your internship, or maybe someone at your future company has a listing on Airbnb! This website is also an option if you want a temporary solution until you get the lay of the land over the summer, or if your sublet starts later than you start the internship or ends before your internship does.
  • College town Facebook page for subletting - example: UVA subletting group, or something along those lines. Last year, a ton of our interns found somewhere to stay through this group.
  • Other interns at your company. See if your recruiter (or someone else at the company) can get you in touch with interns who are either from the area you’re interning at, or go to school there if it is a college town. This is often your best option, mainly because they know the lay of the land, and know people looking for subletters.

Factors to think of when it comes to choosing a sublet:

  • Cost - will rent negate what you make over the summer? Make sure you have a reasonable budget for renting, and that it isn’t too small.
  • Safety - is there a high crime rate in the area? Could you walk outside alone? This should be your number one priority. You can look up crime rates online, to help ease your mind.
  • Distance to work - will your commute be unbearable? Could you walk to work? Try google maps at rush hour to see what it will look like on a typical work day.

Below, I’ve listed some questions that you should ask when looking at subletting options. One of our former interns helped me with this list, because he told me that he wished he had asked them himself prior to summer 2016.

  1. How many roommates does the person have?
  2. How much does it cost?
  3. Is the room furnished or unfurnished?
  4. Do this person’s roommates speak the same language as you, or will communication be a barrier?
  5. What is their living style? Are they clean or messy?
  6. What are the apartment amenities? Are utilities included? Is the wifi acceptable?
  7. How safe is the neighborhood?
  8. What are the dates the sublet is available?
  9. Do you have pets?
  10. Is there parking or will that be an additional fee?

This is a good place to start with questions to ask the person you’d be subletting from, but I also recommend that you spend some time thinking of things that are important to you. You want to make sure you are comfortable where you are living for the summer.

Finding a sublet isn’t super easy, but this should be a good starting point. It takes some time to find where you’re going to stay, so I would recommend starting to look in about March for the summer. Many people know whether or not they’ll be staying in town at that point. As always, if you have questions regarding the area, ask someone at the company you’re interning at for some tips about location. Good luck sublet hunting!

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