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SAP Scanzii App Now Live in HANA App Store

Earlier this year, we talked about creating an app in the SAP environment and walked through the steps to connect powerful SAP solutions to beautiful and intuitive mobile apps. In light of the great push to HANA Cloud emphasized at SAPPHIRE this week, WillowTree has released our HANA Cloud powered app, Scanzii, on the SAP HANA Cloud App Store.

Scanzii is the only app that scans business cards for quick submission into your SAP CRM. It is built on top of an on-premise CRM, connected to HANA Cloud using the HANA Cloud Connector , and administered through the HANA Cloud Platform Mobile Cockpit.

Today’s modern workforce is very mobile-centric, and they have come to expect ease of use through high-quality design. Our design process with Scanzii began with customer discovery, creating the ideal app for the target users. Traditional CRM data entry has been very clunky and time-consuming. Scanzii alleviates that by providing a one-touch solution to transfer business cards to CRM contacts.

Our vision for creating Scanzii was to bridge the high-quality design WillowTree is known for with SAP enterprise systems. We are at the forefront of a significant revolution in the enterprise technology space. With the partnership of Apple and SAP , apps like Scanzii will be integrated into SAP systems with even greater ease and security. These apps will provide workers from the stockroom to the boardroom access to the data and tools they need.

If you were at SAPPHIRE, we would love to hear from you! If you were unable to attend but would like to know more about the Apple/SAP partnership, the SDK, or the conference in general, please send us a note, and we can share our thoughts.

To read about the development process of Scanzii, please checkout our whitepaper - 5 Steps to Making A Great SAP App.

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