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SAP and Apple Come Together to Revolutionize Enterprise App Development

First it was IBM. Now it is SAP. Apple has been quietly making updates to its OS over the past few years to support more enterprise customers. We’ve seen this with several of our enterprise clients who are leveraging Apple’s devices in their organization and building well designed and powerful apps to service their workforce. Why is Apple succeeding in the enterprise marketplace? Because today’s workforce uses consumer smartphone products and they have come to expect ease and utility in their apps. And they don’t just expect the apps they use to work well, they also require them have a high-level user experience.

Today, SAP and Apple announced their joint initiative to make developing SAP apps much easier for existing SAP Fiori developers by giving them access the power of iOS. This move will enable developers to create great applications without the learning curve of Cocoa Touch and Swift. The new SDK will give Fiori developers access to iOS features like Touch ID and Notifications, among other things. The SDK is also designed to work seamlessly with SAP HANA Cloud Platform and SAP S/4 HANA, which is SAP’s new and much improved platform. This is welcome news for those with prior experience building apps for SAP, as developing for traditional SAP platforms has historically been a cumbersome and time consuming process.

SAP also announced they will deliver a set of native apps (written in Swift) as part of their offering. This means SAP will now be able to provide entities in need of a robust enterprise-grade infrastructure with a concise and effective software platform boasting the kind of consumer-grade experience users demand. To top things off, Apple and SAP will offer training on how to use the new SDK to 2.5 million SAP developers. A move that will surely help drive adoption. In the end, this is very exciting for developers everywhere. We can’t wait to get our hands on this SDK (and hear it will be towards the end of the year, though we expect to learn more about it at SAPPHIRE this year). If you will be attending the SAPPHIRE conference too, be sure to find us and we can explore the SDK together.

More information on the SAP and Apple collaboration here.

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