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Mobile web sites do make a difference.

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Came across this Mobile Marketer article about Steve Madden’s recent success with their mobile web site. According to their statistics, mobile traffic grew 250% over the past 6 months accounting for 10.5% of their TOTAL web traffic.  Wow!  While the conversion rate is a bit small at 0.71% it is predicted to steadily rise.

This is strong evidence to back up Morgan Stanley’s and Gartner’s prediction on mobile web adoption. We are in the early days of a new era that reminds me quite a bit of the internet in the mid to late 90’s. Yea, you remember that?! However this time it will grow a lot faster.

So, now the question is not “should we mobile optimize our site” but, rather, “how will we mobile optimize” our site. And in addition you should ask yourself “WHAT are we going to mobile optimize”?


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