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Mellow Mushroom's Mobile Optimized Site

As a company we are extremely interested in mobile optimization.  In fact, we are working on technology that will help companies go mobile with their sites and, as inspiration and research, we have been looking at current sites that have already taken the plunge.  That said, I ran across a mobile site that I think is actually very good.  Mellow Mushroom (http://www.MellowMushroom.com) has created a mobile version that presents users with what they really need when are accessing it from a mobile device.

Locations, Menu and About.

Simple, to the point, and just what I want when I am on the go.  What I also love about this site is that it follows their branding perfectly and, it is obvious, they understand that mobile usage is much different than PC usage. Why do I need all the extra marketing fluff that I get on their regular website? I just don’t.

The lesson here is to think about your mobile users and what is important to them. Deliver only what they need through your mobile optimized website. For a restaurant it is location, a number to call and the menu. For FedEx it may be tracking your order and quick access to customer service phone numbers. Nonetheless, what’s important is to understand that your customer has limited time and they need to get to the information that matters - fast. If you distract them with useless buttons and pages you will lose them even faster.

* What I don’t like about Mellow Mushrom’s mobile site:

“Home” button is on the top-right. Not really the most intuitive place for that…especially on an iPhone. But, if that is my only complaint, who cares!

**BTW, Mellow Mushroom rocks; great pizza.

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