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Macchiato no. 47 // A shot of UX with a dollop of graphic design

I hope everyone’s Thanksgiving was filled with superb food, inspiring company, and rich gratitude. Looks like I skipped the whole month of October, but I’m back for a bit and hope to get a Macchiato delivered to you four more times before 2017—enjoy this week’s cup!


  • I believe gratitude is a virtue and practicing it is the mark of a kind and noble soul. This time of year we are reminded to reflect on the things we value most in life. To share the spirit of gratitude, the InVision community has shared the things they are most grateful for as designers and as humans. What are you thankful for this year? What are designers thankful for?
  • How can we relate Thanksgiving with UX Design? Check out the Thanksgiving design experience—discover, define, design, and feedback—UX and Thanksgiving.
  • InVision has launched their version of Zeplin, Inspect. Inspect supports your team’s transition from design to development. I very much appreciate the team we have at WillowTree and I’m glad we can openly communicate as we work together. With tools like Zeplin and now, Inspect, collaboration and productivity are further supported when building apps. We value collaboration above all.
  • With the festive season approaching, is your website all decked-up and stacked for record breaking sales? Prepare your e-Commerce Website for the Holiday Season.
  • Dear Santa, All I want for Christmas is these five design books. Love, Your Favorite Designer. Here are 5 Books Every Designer Needs courtesy of Jennifer Aldrich, UX & Content Strategist at InVision. Thanks Jennifer!


Extra Shot

from the WT UX Team
  • Collaboration is the magic of a gelled product team. Place value on face-to-face collaboration over all other forms. -@bsirach


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