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Macchiato No. 45 // A Shot of UX with a Dollop of Graphic Design


  • I included a link to The Dark Side of UX in a past Macchiato. I’d like to remind everyone that we should not be doing this when we design and we should also point out these patterns when we see them. “A Dark Pattern is a user interface that has been carefully crafted to trick users into doing things…” Dark Patterns do not have the user’s interests in mind. As designers, we need to take a stance against this; check out the pattern library where you can find the companies that use these dark forces. If you spot any, please submit to Dark Patterns.
  • When you think of a designer, ask yourself if this person is people-centered. Because a good designer keeps users in mind. Being people-centered is just one attribute you should look for in a designer. Fred Beecher, UX thought leader and Director of UX at The Nerdery, poses some questions for you to think about when you’re searching for that top UX designer: Identifying UX Talent.
  • How do we value design? How much is good design worth? The US Supreme Court will decide in a case that pits Apple against Samsung. This article brings up some food for thought: If the court reduces the damages, will it reduce the worth we attribute to design? Could it encourage copying?
  • Get a Thick Skin. Living with Criticism. In a world filled with criticism from others, gather strength because you’re going to need it in the design field. A designer’s job is one of the few that’s open to committee discussion. My takeaways from this read: Never take anything personally, defend your design decisions, and there are only two parties whose opinion should matter — yours and your client’s.
  • “If designers spent half as much of their time empathizing with the user; empathizing with team members; empathizing with the client’s position in the market, as they do jerking each other off on Dribbble, we’d all be better off.” You Should Have Gone to Business School gives us the uncomfortable and unfiltered state-of-the-state of the design industry. Start reading at "Let’s talk about the state of interactive design” unless you want to read through Dave Snyder’s journey and Firstborn (a digital agency headquartered in NYC). He said he didn’t mind if you skip the first half!


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