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Macchiato No. 43 // A Shot of UX with a Dollop of Graphic Design

It’s been a long month without macchiatos, so I’ve added a few extra resources to this one. Today’s cup is full of links about health (physical and mental), podcasts, and of course UX. Enjoy!


  • Despite research finding technology can be bad for us or make us sad/lonely, the products we design can be a source of joy for people. This article talks about how the design of a website or app might make us happy: The Science of Happy Design.
  • Thailand has come up with an unorthodox solution to the obesity problem: Don’t change the food, change the plates. The Thai Health Promotion Foundation and advertising agency, BBDO Bangkok, have created the AbsorbPlate. It’s a plate designed with tiny holes that help separate excess oil from food (about 30 calories worth).
  • What is Wrong with UX is a podcast where Laura Klein and Kate Rutter drink and fight about user experience design. Listen to episode 27, What We Wish People Knew About Design, as Laura and Kate discuss things they wish people (including designers) knew about UX design.
  • Scientists and researchers from the National University of Singapore unveil 3D-printed customized pills. Scientists Find A Way to 3D Print One Pill For All That Ails You. This smart pill is designed specifically to each patient and manufactured to release their medication at the correct time and dosage.
  • Design is all around us. Much of it could be better. TED Radio Hour’s episode, The Power of Design , talks about the essence of good design in buildings, brands, the digital realm, and the natural world.


  • I’m Gonna Make it Better is a short and sweet animation that gives viewers a glimpse into design and typography. It touches on all the little tweaks and iterations made to a design we do not see when looking at a final product, and how all of us can make products better.
  • The Health Issue from Creative Review examines the role of creativity in healthcare, from the latest tech to the design of hospitals, the role of illustration in “Gray’s Anatomy” (I used to want to be a medical illustrator), and a new brand that’s shaking up the feminine-hygiene sector. ( Thinx. I have a pair; they’re great.) Subscribe to read the full issue.
  • Here’s a nice list of design podcasts: Your Definitive Guide to Design Podcasts From 7 Top Design Podcasters.

Extra Shot

from the WT UX Team
  • Get outside, move around, and don’t get stuck behind your screen: Observe users in their environment, take a walk to clear your head, or sketch out your ideas. It will help bring a fresh perspective to your designs. @pixelsandpaleo.


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