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Macchiato No. 42 // A Shot of UX with a Dollop of Graphic Design


  • Growing up, it was rare to see a screen constantly on in my house. I’m sure it’s different for parents of children growing up today, as screens are an inevitable part of all our lives now. But how can we merge our devices with our physical spaces (especially to teach children to not always be attached to screens)? frogLabs in Shanghai is trying to answer that question with Yibu , an iPad app connected to a series of playful wooden sensors designed to encourage kids to explore their environment.
  • The functionality of clothing continues to expand thanks to wearable technology. Designs from The New School are helping us disconnect and aiding people with visual impairments through ‘Keybod’ and ‘Sensory.’ Wearable Tech, Designed for Social Good.
  • Authenticity doesn’t mean beauty. It means substance. Even though Apple proved that beauty not only works, it sells, don’t just design a product to make it look pretty. What’s the intention? What’s the message? Authenticity vs. Beauty: Why you don’t need design like Apple.


Extra Shot

from the WT UX Team
  • Conventions instead of reinventing the wheel: With the help of established UI conventions, users have already learned how to do certain things. If you need to break out of a convention and create a new pattern, remember to design with purpose and good intention. @ttabilas.


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