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Macchiato No. 39 // A Shot of UX with a Dollop of Graphic Design

We’re getting close to 40 posts in the Macchiato series. In celebration of almost meeting that milestone I’ve added a couple more design shots to today’s cup. Enjoy!


  • Freelance film director Emma Coats learned a lot of helpful storytelling rules during the time she spent at Pixar as a storyboard artist and took to Twitter to share 22 of those rules. Eric Caledonia , a Product Designer at Handsome, has taken Emma’s rules and applied them to UX Design. Check out his post, Improving UX with Pixar’s 22 Rules of Storytelling.
  • Expand your users’ cognitive abilities and make them think harder by creating complex interaction flows and clever, non-obvious user interfaces. Difficult Designs Are Better (for Humanity). (Okay…this one is a total joke - but hope it makes you laugh!)
  • Leah Buley discusses state-of-the-art UX from an analyst’s point of view, answering why companies “don’t get it" when they’re going wrong, and what they can do to modernize their UX practices in The Modern UX Organization.
  • UX Link is a UX conference that comes to you. Enhance your education of the UX industry and get all the latest news and information from your home or in your office. It will be held on Thursday, May 12th 2016 at 1pm eastern US (UTC -5).


Extra shot from the WT UX Team:

  • Know your users: Don’t design what you want because you aren’t the user. - @jprehodick


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