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Macchiato No. 28 // A Shot of UX with a Dollop of Graphic Design

Buongiorno! I hope you’ve had a great holiday break. Here are a few links to browse from the world of design.


  • Use generative design techniques to get smarter about your designs. May the force be with you – Jedi Designer Tricks for Exploring Multiple Variations.
  • The Dark Side of UX - This is a video about dark design patterns. The last paragraph of this link may give you some food for thought: “The choice is there for most designers: do you choose UX design in its traditional form (i.e. to benefit users) or do you use the knowledge and practices from UX design to create products that trick, manipulate, and coerce the user? There is one thing you need to consider though, some of these methods are now illegal.”
  • Here are ways to use the right amount of data for personalization: How to personalize your UX design without being creepy.


Isn’t it nice to find design inspiration away from your computer screen? If you ever get the opportunity to visit London, Bilbao, or New York, make sure to stop by the following spots:


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