Product Design

Macchiato No. 24 // A Shot of UX with a Dollop of Graphic Design

Are you looking for something to do? How about sipping on No. 24?


  • Little things matter. Microcopy are small bits of text/copy that help instruct and lead users to desired goals. Have you ever thought about what can make or break an experience? It’s in the details. Here are tips to enhance UX through microcopy.
  • Richard Littauer is the brains and stomach behind The User is Drunk. He offers the service to test out a site’s UX while drunk. Here are his takeaways. Bottoms up!
  • Is beauty in the eye of the beholder? Is visual design just a nice-to-have? Should you only focus on usability and the user experience? You may have already formed thoughts around these questions, but check out this article to get another perspective. It covers visual attraction and how we can use this knowledge to create better user experiences.


  • A style guide ensures brand consistency, cohesiveness, and enforces best practice in brand identity usage. For your visual pleasure and inspiration, here is a hand-picked collection of Design Style Guides.

I’ll be taking a break from the Macchiato series for the Thanksgiving holiday next week, but stay tuned the week of 12/7 when I’m back with another freshly brewed Macchiato. Salute!

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