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Macchiato No. 21 // A Shot of UX with a Dollop of Graphic Design

“Macchiatos” are emails with curated UX and graphic design resources that I’ve been sending internally to the WillowTree UX team. Now, I’ll be posting them on our blog each week for you. What can you expect in a Macchiato? You get a shot (a few shots/3-4 links) of UX with a spot (1-2 links) of graphic design. (To all of the coffee snobs out there, I realize that a macchiato is just one shot of espresso and a dollop of foam, but I want to share more than two links!)

If you would like to taste the previous twenty macchiatos, sample them here: Macchiatos No.1-20. Cheers!


  • We are inherently bound to light. This clip discusses designers, engineers, and scientists who are making our futures brighter: EU researchers harness the power of light.
  • Fun fact: There was a time when WillowTree had 4 designers. Each of us, at one point in our lives, practiced martial arts. This article is based on 4 basic Wing Tsjun principles and how they could apply to design: The Tao of UX. Could principles from martial arts make you a better UX Designer?
  • To help visualize Sketch 3.4’s new features, Yap Kwang Yik uses GIFs to demonstrate them.
  • There is more to designing experiences than experience design: Non-UX Books for Experience Designers. It is a nice reminder that we can draw creative inspiration for our work from other fields outside of design.

Milk Foam:

  • The 365typo annual book features 365 key issues in the field of typography, graphic design, and visual communication. I don’t know about you, but I geek out about books like these!
  • Have you been thinking about adding color to your walls? Check out this nice find. You can search artwork by color: ArtBinder Viewer. Salute! Tesceline

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