App Development

Luxury Goes Mobile

The Luxury Interactive 2010 conference is going on in New York yesterday and today. The tidal wave of mobile smartphone growth is pushing this industry, just like every other, to begin thinking seriously about what mobile means to them.

The number of smartphones will exceed desktops/laptops by 2013.   Mobile usage will soon follow.  That means that over time, mobile spending on mobile-optimized sites, apps and marketing should equal what companies spend on their traditional website and online marketing.  For most companies, we are a very long way from that. Anytime there is such a divergence in usage vs. marketing spend, huge opportunities open up for the early-adopting companies.

It hearkens back to the early days of online search from 1998 to 2002. For the first few years, the companies embracing search were able to market their products and services incredibly efficiently vs. other channels.  Over time, the market has become optimized, and bids in general are in line with the value created.

The same opportunity exists in mobile today – and likely will for the next few years.

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